As the diameter of the Grout Backer Rod is wider than the joint it needs to be gently forced into position. Similar in design to a pizza cutter, our Grout Backer Rod Insertion Tools allow you to quickly and easily install the Grout Backer Rod into the joint and begin grouting. A simple plastic Manual Tool is available, as well as a Professional Tool Set.

Professional Grout Backer Rod Insertion Tool Set
The PorcelQuick Professional Grout Backer Rod Insertion Tool Set contains a range of insertion wheel sizes, allowing you to install Grout Backer Rod into many different width joints. The nylon rollers will not damage the Grout Backer Rod or the tile, and the tool also allows you to set the desired depth of uniform insertion.


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PorcelQuick Adped System Demo.

Thick porcelain tiles offer advantages over concrete or stone patios. Porcelain tiles are made to much finer engineered tolerances, particularly if rectified which allows them to be laid with joints as tight as 2mm. This provides a much more contemporary look that co-ordinates with modern styles, but different techniques need to be used to fix and grout.
Traditional wet bed methods will be time-consuming and back-breaking in achieving a lip free and smooth finish. Admixes must be used to ensure the mortar adheres to the non-porous porcelain tile to avoid adhesion failure.

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