PorcelQuick Grout Backer Rod is a flexible, compressible closed cell polyethylene foam cord, used to support grout in the open joints. As the space between Adpeds will be open the grout would fall through these gaps, so the Grout Backer Rod acts as a barrier, holding the grout in place during the installation and curing process. PorcelQuick Grout Backer Rod is available in 3 diameters; 6mm, 10mm & 13mm, and is sold by the metre.


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PorcelQuick Adped System Demo.

Thick porcelain tiles offer advantages over concrete or stone patios. Porcelain tiles are made to much finer engineered tolerances, particularly if rectified which allows them to be laid with joints as tight as 2mm. This provides a much more contemporary look that co-ordinates with modern styles, but different techniques need to be used to fix and grout.
Traditional wet bed methods will be time-consuming and back-breaking in achieving a lip free and smooth finish. Admixes must be used to ensure the mortar adheres to the non-porous porcelain tile to avoid adhesion failure.

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